The holiday season is here, and with it comes the cold temperatures of Old Man Winter. There are many ways to stave off his chilly breath at home, from cranking up your heating system to wearing the plushiest robes. However, these don’t target one of the major points on your body where heat escapes: your feet and ankles.

That’s where slippers come in. These fuzzy shoes don’t just keep your feet warm. They can also make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

In this article: Dena Lives Women’s Slippers, EverFoam Men’s Slippers and “Star Wars” Children’s Slippers.

Slipper types
There are four types of slippers.

Open back: These are the most common type of slippers. They only cover the foot’s top and sides, exposing the entire heel. These are good for people who like to be warm but not too warm.
Closed back: Unlike open-back ones, these slippers come up around the heel. A common name for these types of slippers is moccasins. These are good for people who need to walk outside instead of just inside, as they provide more warmth and support.
Sandal: These slippers resemble sandals, including flip-flop and slide varieties. The only difference between sandals and slipper sandals is that slipper sandals have fuzzy linings for warmth and comfort. These are good for people who want warmth and comfort on cold days but tend to get sweaty feet when encased in slippers.
Boot: These slippers come up to and surround the ankle to provide the most possible warmth. Many of these types of slippers also have high-quality soles so that you can wear them on excursions to the store and other places. These are good for people who want the best protection and warmth and dislike wearing socks with the other slipper types.
You can be forgiven for thinking you should order your usual size when shopping for slippers. Instead, you should order a half size or full size up. This ensures your feet won’t feel cramped and helps your feet breathe to reduce the chances of developing sweaty feet.

When shopping for slippers, always double-check the sole before you buy. Some slippers have little to no tread, making them dangerous to wear on slick surfaces, such as ice. The best slippers have anti-slip soles.

Basic slippers from generic brands can cost as little as $20-$30, though better slippers can cost up to $50. High-quality slippers of both designer and nondesigner varieties can cost $100-plus.

Best women’s slippers
Best Comwarm Women’s Slippers
Comwarm Women’s Slippers

These slippers have a unique pretzel-like top and thick, waterproof foam padding on the bottom. They have some arch support for those who need it. They come in five sizes and 13 colors.

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Best Dena Lives Women’s Slippers
Dena Lives Women’s Slippers

These thick slippers are perfect for people living in the coldest climates. The anti-slip soles help wearers safely walk on driveways slick with water and ice. They come in four sizes and six colors.

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Best Floopi Women’s Slippers
Floopi Women’s Slippers

These slippers can be bought in single or double pairs with the double-pair options being different colors. They are also machine-washable and have a pull tab to help slip them on. They come in four sizes and seven total colors.

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Best Ultraideas Women’s Slippers
Ultraideas Women’s Slippers

These boot slippers hold tight to your feet to feel as close to a second skin as possible. They come in six sizes, and the manufacturer recommends ordering a size up. They come in 10 colors.

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Best Vionic Women’s Slippers
Vionic Women’s Slippers

These slippers have a small ventilation hole on one side to help prevent or reduce the clamminess that can come from wearing slippers too long. They come in eight sizes and 24 colors.

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Best men’s slippers
Best Amazon Essentials Men’s Slippers
Amazon Essentials Men’s Slippers

These slippers use high-density memory foam plus several more support foam layers for the comfiest possible experience. The soles have anti-slip treads. They come in seven sizes and two colors.

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Best Dream Pairs Men’s Slippers
Dream Pairs Men’s Slippers

These slippers resemble moccasins and have cushioned sheepskin insoles with faux-fur linings. The exterior is suede leather, and the sole is rubber for extra grip. They come in 14 sizes and eight colors.

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Best EverFoam Men’s Slippers
EverFoam Men’s Slippers

These slippers conform to your foot, so there’s no uncomfortable wiggling. They have a pull tab on the heel to help you get your foot inside. They come in six sizes and three colors.

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Best LongBay Men’s Slippers
LongBay Men’s Slippers

The soles of these slippers are designed for use indoors and out. The interior is plush lined, and the upper is soft felt. They come in four sizes and four colors.

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Best Vonmay Men’s Slippers
Vonmay Men’s Slippers

These slippers have a shock-absorbing foam heel and high-resilience memory foam along the rest of the shoe’s interior. They have a fleece lining and a wool felt upper. They come in four sizes and seven colors.

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Best slippers for kids
Best Jessica Simpson Girls’ Slippers
Jessica Simpson Girls’ Slippers

These simple slippers are perfect for your little one because they’re machine-washable, and the soles have an anti-slip pattern. They come in four sizes and eight colors.