Make any room in your house trick-or-treat worthy with these glowing Halloween trees
Fans of Halloween have been counting down the days in anticipation of getting out their fall decor boxes and transforming their homes for the spooky season. Scary inflatables, outdoor lighting, and gigantic skeletons can transform even the most ordinary house into a haunted mansion, but what about indoors? Halloween LED trees ranging from tabletop centerpieces to whole-room decorations will let you enjoy seasonal spookiness no matter how frightful the weather is.

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Shopping for Halloween LED trees
Tree size
If you’re setting up a Halloween scene in your living room, you’ll want a very different tree size than if you’re decorating a tabletop, so shop carefully to make sure you’re purchasing the right size. Most Halloween trees vary from about 18 inches to 7 feet tall. Many Halloween trees feature branches that can also be repositioned and spread out into your preferred configuration. Some are also sold in sets of two, offering great value and more opportunities to decorate.

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Halloween decorations
Many Halloween LED trees have more decorations on their branches than just lightbulbs. Spiders, ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns and bats can all be found on Halloween trees, either as pendant ornaments or specially molded lightbulb coverings. Some trees even have small Halloween figures or tombstones clustered at their base. These decorated trees can make your seasonal setup come together effortlessly, but look for simpler trees if you’re planning to add some special touches to your spooky scene.

Types of Halloween trees
Halloween trees range from spooky, willow-inspired shapes to classic Christmas-tree pines or even realistic-looking faux maples sporting fall colors. All of them stay in season, thanks to seasonal touches, such as black tinsel, orange or purple lights and black trunks.

Glitter can add dimension to your decorations, but it can also add a mess. If you don’t want to deal with extra cleanup, look for a Halloween tree that doesn’t have glitter on its trunk. Alternatively, you can keep glitter from shedding by lightly misting the trunk with hairspray — just be sure to keep it away from the LED lightbulbs.

Best Halloween LED trees
Halloween Willow Tree with Lights
Lightshare 7-Foot Halloween Willow Tree

Packed with 256 LED bulbs, this 7-foot-tall tree transforms from a black weeping willow to a spooky glowing decoration. Choose from all orange, all purple, or mixed orange and purple lights.

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Spooky Tree with purple lights on purple background
Vanthylit 2-Foot Spooky Tree

This glittery black tree comes with your choice of purple lights and hanging bat ornaments or orange lights with pumpkin ornaments. It has flexible, adjustable branches and cute Halloween figurines around the base.

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Lightshare Gifts Halloween Willow Tree Spooky Bonsai with pumpkin on red background
Lightshare Gifts Halloween Willow Tree Spooky Bonsai

This handmade tabletop tree is available in your choice of purple, orange, or purple and orange lights. It stands 2 feet tall and comes decorated with lifelike spiders. It can run either on batteries or from a wall outlet.

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LED Black Halloween Tree with purple lights
FastDeng LED Black Halloween Tree

Standing 18 inches tall, this glittery black tree comes with glow-in-the-dark spiders, faux spider webs and black spider decorations. It’s also available with orange lights.

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Halloween Tree with Spider and Bat Ornaments and purple lights
Elnsivo Halloween Tree with Spider and Bat Ornaments

Some of the purple, eight-mode LED bulbs on this 5-foot-tall tree are shaped like little spiders and bats for an extra-spooky effect. Plus, it can even be used outside: It comes with a 16-foot extension cord and stakes to secure it in the ground.

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LED Lighted Halloween Tree with orange lights on orange background
The Holiday Aisle 84-Inch LED Lighted Halloween Tree

Bend the adjustable limbs of this black Halloween tree to let its orange-lit branches dangle like a willow tree’s. The tree is easy to assemble and the lights are bright. Since it’s not glittery, there’s no cleanup, either.

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Pumpkin next to Fudios Lighted Halloween Tree with purple lights
Fudios Lighted Halloween Tree

Eighty purple LED bulbs and two power options help this tree add Halloween atmosphere to any room. Simply pop in two AA batteries or use a USB charger plug. It even features a timer to run for six hours at a time.

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Black Halloween Tree with different colored pumpkins, spiders and bats
Halloween Decor 18-Inch Black Halloween Tree

Instead of typical LED bulbs, this festive Halloween tree has 24 green, orange and purple lights shaped like bats, spiders and jack-o’-lanterns. Fan out the adjustable branches and use the built-in timer to enjoy six hours of light followed by 18 hours off.

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Black LED Willow Tree on white background
Halloween Indoor/Outdoor 8-Function LED Willow Tree

This 4-foot black willow tree has 180 purple LED lights, which glow in your choice of eight blinking, fading and chasing functions. It runs on four AA batteries and features a six-hour automatic timer.