How to serve a delicious precooked turkey feast and save time during the holidays

To cook a turkey is probably one of the most challenging aspects of a Thanksgiving feast. With so much other food to prep, taking the turkey off the list might save the day. Precooked turkeys arrive fully cooked, juicy and full of flavor, and they need only minutes in the oven or turkey fryer instead of hours. Try one of these effortlessly delicious premade turkeys for your Thanksgiving gathering this year.

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Precooked Thanksgiving turkeys

Whether you’re using a roasting pan or smoker, cooking the turkey can take at least four hours, depending on the size of the bird. Premade turkeys, on the other hand, are fully cooked so they heat up in less than an hour without sacrificing flavor or texture.

Pick out a premade turkey for Thanksgiving dinner the same way you would buy a fresh one: Plan on about 1.5 pounds of turkey per person. Keep in mind that a precooked turkey doesn’t need to be stuffed, so stuffing (or dressing, in this case) should be prepared separately.

What sides go best with smoked turkey?

Since smoked turkey has a distinct flavor profile that’s unlike a classic roasted turkey, it’s an opportunity to add some complementary Thanksgiving side dishes to your spread. Consider one of these sides in addition to classics, such as cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes or green bean casserole.

  • Smoking a Thanksgiving turkey takes almost all day, but grilled or smoked vegetables, such as squash, asparagus or green beans take less than two hours and contribute another layer of mouth-watering smoky flavor to the holiday meal.
  • Instead of the usual white-bread stuffing, try cornbread stuffing loaded with sausage, apples and herbs.
  • Consider cheesy scalloped potatoes or cauliflower gratin instead of the usual mashed potatoes.
  • A hearty kale salad with diced apple, bell pepper and nuts offers lots of interesting textures and flavors that pair well with smoked turkey.

Best pre-cooked turkeys on Amazon

Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey 7-9 Pounds on a table

Farm Pac Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey (7 to 9 Pounds)

This turkey is slowly smoked over hickory for that classic flavor. It ships fully cooked and frozen in a reusable insulated cooler and reheats easily into a juicy, satisfying main course. A 7- to 9-pound turkey is a good size for a family of four to six.

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Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey (11-13 Pounds) on a table with side dishes

Farm Pac Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey (11 to 13 Pounds)

For a Thanksgiving gathering of around eight guests, this large smoked turkey is a great size. It’s made by a company with 60 years of experience. It’s fully cooked and needs only to be heated to 160 degrees in the oven before serving.

Omaha Steaks Whole Basted Turkey (10-Pound) in a roasting pan

Omaha Steaks Whole Basted Turkey (10-Pound)

From a celebrated butcher’s shop, this high-quality turkey is basted in brown sugar and honey for a sweet flavor. It’s fully cooked, flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness. You can get a single 10-pound bird or a pack of two for a larger gathering.

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