If you’re a jet-setter or just need to pack a lot when you travel, investing in a high-quality luggage set is worth it. Not only does a matching luggage set provide a coordinated look, but it’s also less expensive than purchasing the pieces individually. Plus, if you choose a distinctive color or pattern, it makes the suitcases easier to spot on the baggage carousel.

Luggage sets come in different colors, patterns, materials and finishes. They include two to eight pieces of varying sizes, typically a combination of carry-on and checked bags. The best set is durable enough to withstand rough handling and rolling over uneven surfaces. It should be large enough to fit everything you need for your trip, with plenty of pockets and dividers to keep everything organized and accessible.

When it comes to appearance, consider whether you want a set with an exterior that hides scratches. Think about if you prefer a neutral color or a distinctive one to deter theft and make it easier to identify. Size and weight are also important because most airlines have a 50-pound limit for checked luggage as well as size requirements for carry-on bags.

The Samsonite Winfield 2 stands out as our top pick. This three-piece hard-sided luggage set is sturdy and sleek and comes in a selection of attractive colors. Our Best Bang choice, the Travel Select Amsterdam soft-sided set, is a more affordable option that comes with packing cubes.

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hard-Sided 3-Piece Set
Samsonite Winfield 2 Hard-Sided 3-Piece Set
Samsonite has an unbeatable reputation for making luggage that lasts, and this hard-sided three-piece set is no exception. Our hands-down favorite, it includes 20-, 24-, and 28-inch suitcases with 1.5-inch expansion for the two larger models. The large case holds an impressive amount and can bear well over 50 pounds, making it a favorite of international travelers (international airlines typically have a higher weight limit). The 20-inch case is a perfect carry-on size.

All the pieces have interior straps and mesh zippered pockets. For added security, each bag includes an integrated TSA-approved lock. The suitcases themselves are lightweight (6.7, 9.3 and 11.5 pounds) and easy to maneuver on spinner wheels. The brushed anthracite exterior hides wear and tear and comes in 14 stylish colors.

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best-Travel Select Amsterdam Soft-Sided 8-Piece Set-reviews
Travel Select Amsterdam Soft-Sided 8-Piece Set
If you like to stay organized while you travel, this comprehensive, affordable set comes with four packing cubes, so you can find things in your bags quickly. The three suitcases also have exterior pockets and roomy interior pockets, both zippered and open (which we love for shoes).

The travel tote bag can piggyback on top of the suitcases with a secure strap. The three suitcases measure 21, 25 and 29 inches and weigh 7.7, 8.5 and 9.5 pounds, respectively. The two in-line skate wheels on each bag roll over uneven terrain. And the retractable handles make for easy maneuvering and control when you’re rushing to catch a flight.

The heavy-duty fabric on this set is durable, and the zippers hold even when the bag is overfilled. The bags also expand an extra 2 inches, making this the luggage set for travelers who like to bring home lots of souvenirs.

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American Tourister Moonlight Hard-Sided 3-Piece Set
American Tourister Moonlight Hard-Sided 3-Piece Set
This economical but stylish hardshell set comes in stunning rose gold as well as iridescent prints that stand out in a crowd. It includes 21-, 24- and 28-inch suitcases (weighing 7.5, 9.3 and 10.5 pounds, respectively) with spacious interiors that can be expanded by 1.5 inches. In other words, you can pack a lot of clothes into these cases. The interior cross straps and zippered panel help keep all your belongings neatly in place.

The 24- and 28-inch suitcases have spinner wheels and extendable handles to make them easy to maneuver, even down European cobblestone streets. And while they don’t withstand scratches quite as well as, say, the Samsonite luggage, you can still get a lot of mileage out of these well-made bags.

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Best Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade Hard-Sided 3-Piece Set
Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade Hard-Sided 3-Piece Set
Stylish and durable, this luggage set makes traveling easier with its light weight, durability and multidirectional, double-wheel spinners. The textured, shock-resistant shell has strong, molded corner guards, so your belongings stay safe. This set also stands out for its interior organization, which includes multiple compartments, straps and pockets, plus a compression panel to prevent it all from sliding around.

The set includes 20-, 24-, and 28-inch cases (7.4, 8.9 and 11 pounds, respectively) with 2 inches of expansion to squeeze more in. Available in stylish yet subtle colors like rose gold and champagne, each suitcase has a sturdy ergonomic, telescopic handle and side handle for easy lifting.

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Best Coolife Family Hard-Sided 4-Piece Set
Coolife Family Hard-Sided 4-Piece Set
This affordable four-piece set is a popular choice for families or couples traveling by air. There’s also a three-piece set if four cases are too many for your needs. The hard-sided suitcases have multidirectional spinner wheels, telescopic handles and TSA-approved locks. They roll smoothly and silently.

Interiors are simple for the no-frills traveler: a cross strap and one large mesh pocket. Note that these cases do not expand. They measure 16, 20, 24 and 28 inches and weigh 4.7, 6.3, 7.9 and 10 pounds, respectively. This set is available in more than a dozen colors. Overall, this cute, lightweight luggage is a good deal.

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Samsonite Omni PC Hard-Sided 3-Piece Set
Samsonite Omni PC Hard-Sided 3-Piece Set
Another top Samsonite set, it includes all the bells and whistles that are to be expected from this trusted brand, including integrated TSA-approved locks and an expansion joint for when you need to pack a little extra.

The cases have a nice combination of straps and pockets for organizing your clothing and other travel necessities. And the hard polycarbonate exterior resists dents and scratches. Measuring 20, 24 and 28 inches and weighing 6.8, 8.3 and 10.5 pounds, respectively, these light cases are easy to maneuver thanks to the multidirectional wheels.

The black looks sharp, but this three-piece set also comes in a dozen other tasteful colors, such as bronze and red. With its generous 10-year limited warranty, this set is well worth the price.

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Best Rockland Fashion Soft-Sided Upright 2-Piece Luggage Set
Rockland Fashion Soft-Sided Upright 2-Piece Luggage Set
For the budget-minded traveler, this duo doesn’t need to be checked. The 20-inch soft-sided suitcase, which weighs 6 pounds, is small enough to pass as a carry-on, and the tote fits under an airplane seat. Both cases have lots of inner and outer pockets, and the upright can be expanded by about 2.5 inches.

The pair is available in a range of colors and patterns to match your personal style, including kid-friendly designs. The tote secures on top of the two-wheel suitcase for easy dashing through the airport or rolling down the aisle. Overall, this lightweight set is the perfect weekender. The downside is that the material can fray with frequent use, but at this price point, it’s a low-risk investment.

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Best Amazon Basics Hard-Sided Spinner 3-Piece Set
Amazon Basics Hard-Sided Spinner 3-Piece Set
It’s hard to find a hardshell luggage set with spinner wheels for under $200, but this basic bundle from Amazon fits the bill. The three-piece set includes 30-, 26- and 21-inch cases with an extra-thick ABS shell (a durable but inexpensive plastic) that resists scratches and protects contents from damage during transit.

The fully-lined interior organizer has a divider and zippered pockets that keep clothing and other items in place and easily accessible. Simple to handle, the four double spinner wheels provide smooth and effortless maneuvering in any direction. The textured shell comes in four basic colors, including an orange that’s easy to spot in baggage claim. This hard-sided luggage is an excellent investment for travelers who value organization, durability, style and bargains.

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Travelers Club Expandable Midtown Hard-Sided 4-Piece Set
Travelers Club Expandable Midtown Hard-Sided 4-Piece Set
This reasonably priced set is suitable for short trips or long-term travel and makes a great gift for teens, graduations or weddings. The four-pieces include two lightweight hardshell spinner suitcases, a travel tote and a matching toiletry bag for smaller personal items (the only set on our list that includes one).

The suitcases have compartments that divide belongings, as well as an expandable zippered section for when you need to pack in more. The 26-inch case weighs 8.4 pounds and the 20-inch carry-on weighs 7.2 pounds. This set comes in trendy colors like rose gold and lilac for traveling in style. In short, it’s a beautiful set that makes travel feel easy to manage.

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Types of bags
You’ll find luggage sets that include several different types of bags. Some of the most common are carry-ons and traditional suitcases. More comprehensive sets might include a tote, garment bag or toiletry bag.

Carry-on: Many travelers like to bring a carry-on for necessities and to avoid paying a fee for at least part of their belongings. Some travelers only travel with a carry-on because they like the peace of mind in knowing exactly where their things are. Most airlines limit carry-on bags to 22 by 14 by 9 inches. These small suitcases can usually be stowed in the overhead bin above your seat, but you might still be asked to check yours if space is tight. If your carry-on is small enough to fit under the seat, it’s less likely you’ll need to part with it in the event of a cramped flight.

Traditional suitcase: Most luggage sets include at least one traditional suitcase: a rectangular bag for clothing, shoes and other essentials. These bags can be hard-sided or soft-sided. They may have spinner wheels that move in all directions or in-line wheels that only glide forward and back. Most have a retractable handle that you can use to drag the suitcase behind you or push in front of you.

You can easily find sets that include two, three or even four suitcases, usually of different sizes. You’ll want to make your selection based on the number of people traveling and/or how long you’ll be away. For example, a household of four might be able to pack everything in a three- or four-piece set for a weekend getaway.

Garment bag: Designed to carry unfolded clothing on hangers, a garment bag is useful if you’re traveling with a dress, suit or coat that you don’t want to get wrinkled. You won’t see these very often as part of a luggage set, but if you do, it’s likely to be in a larger set that includes three or four other pieces.

Many garment bags can be folded in half or thirds for easier carrying. In fact, some people who travel light contend that a garment bag is the only bag you need. If you agree with this, you might want to make sure that your garment bag has wheels and a handle.

Toiletry bag: This is a small case for holding things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, deodorant, shaving supplies, hair styling tools and so on. Having a place for your toiletries in your checked bag is essential today since airlines don’t allow passengers to bring more than 3.4 ounces of any liquid in their carry-ons. Look for a toiletry bag that’s sturdy and waterproof enough to avoid rips and spills and fits easily inside your suitcase.

Tote bag: A travel tote is a soft-sided bag with a shoulder strap and short handles. A tote is generally considered a personal item on flights, so you can bring one in addition to your carry-on without extra charge. The best tote bags have a strap or back sleeve that’s designed to securely slide over the extended handle of your suitcase so you can roll both as a unit. Most totes are large enough to hold a laptop and have roomy exterior pockets.

Deciding what bag to carry
How will you travel? If you’re flying, one of your main considerations is size. A bag small enough to carry on rather than check saves you time and aggravation at the airport. Check the airline’s website before you go, because size restrictions vary from one airline to another and sometimes even from flight to flight. Trains and cruise ships also have luggage restrictions, but they’re generally more generous than airlines. If you’re planning a road trip by car, size probably isn’t as big of an issue, but you’ll optimize your trunk space if your bags are somewhat flexible or soft-sided.

How much do your packed bags weigh? Whether you’re boarding a plane, train or ship, it pays (literally) to know how much weight you’re carrying. If the baggage weight limit on an airline is 50 pounds and your suitcase weighs 51 pounds, you might have to pay a significant fee. For this reason, we recommend you invest in a luggage scale and use it before you leave home to know exactly how much your packed suitcase weighs.

Luggage manufacturers are well aware of airline weight restrictions and claim their products are “lightweight.” However, one manufacturer might consider an 8-pound suitcase “light” while another applies the term to a 3-pound bag. Be sure to factor in the weight of your luggage both when purchasing it and when it’s full.

Are you traveling for business or pleasure? The type of travel impacts the type of luggage you need. Business travel often involves a short trip. If this is the case, a carry-on or garment bag might be all you need.

Similarly, if you’re heading out for the weekend, a carry-on or tote might be all you require for an overnight escape. When choosing a luggage set, consider one that includes a smaller piece like this for shorter getaways so you don’t have to purchase a separate piece of luggage.

A family vacation will probably require more luggage. The larger pieces in a set provide enough room for everyone’s belongings and expand to accommodate souvenirs you pick up on the trip.

If you’re traveling internationally for business or pleasure, you’ll likely be taking multiple forms of transportation like planes, trains, buses and taxis. A large suitcase with wheels would be the easiest to take from place to place.

Rollers: Two-wheeled suitcases are called “rollers.” They have recessed wheels, which are less likely to snap off if handled roughly. Rollers are good for urban travel because they easily roll over curbs, sidewalks and rough pavement. However, the wheels only move forward and back, so you don’t get as much flexibility if you need to change directions. If you just need to pull the suitcase behind you, a roller suitcase is ideal.

Spinners: Four-wheeled suitcases are called “spinners” because each wheel can spin 360 degrees. They’re easy to maneuver in tight spaces, but they’re not so good at traversing rough pavement or curbs. Someone with strength or mobility issues may find a spinner easier to maneuver and handle. However, be aware that the external wheels on a spinner are more vulnerable to snapping off, and they also take up space, such as in an overhead compartment.

Hard-sided vs. soft-sided
You’ll need to decide whether you prefer hard-sided (hardshell) or soft-sided (fabric) luggage. Both have pros and cons.

Hard-sided: These cases are usually made of polycarbonate, ABS plastic or aluminum. They do a better job of protecting your belongings than soft-sided luggage. Hard-sided bags can be prone to dings and scratches, though some luggage brands advertise a “scratch-resistant” exterior. These bags are somewhat heavier than soft-sided luggage.

Soft-sided: These fabric bags are lightweight and more flexible than hard-sided bags. However, the material can be prone to rips and fraying and may not protect your belongings as well as a harder material.

Sturdy zippers are crucial when it comes to luggage. We would argue that you should spare no expense on durable suitcase zippers because if the zippers don’t work, you can’t securely use the luggage at all.

There are two general types of zipper: coil and chain. Coil zippers are made of a material like nylon, can take quite a bit of wear and tear and can “self-heal.” Chain zippers have metal or plastic teeth that are very secure but also very prone to distortion with use.

Most of today’s wheeled bags have two handles: a telescopic or extendable handle on the top and a strap on the side. You want to make sure that both are sturdy and securely attached to the body of the suitcase. Some telescopic handles operate by pushing a button for even more convenience.

Generally speaking, the more compartments a suitcase has, the more organized your belongings will be. For example, it’s handy to have an outer pocket or two for things you want to access easily, such as tickets, maps and other necessities. Most hard-sided luggage does not have outer pockets, but most soft-sided bags do.

For some people, the inside pockets are more valuable than the outer ones. Some suitcases have multiple inner pockets, some have none, and some have just a single separate compartment. The ideal number of inner compartments is mostly a matter of personal preference. If your luggage doesn’t have many interior pockets, consider investing in a set of packing cubes to help organize your belongings.