Which hog call is best?
Feral swine are a huge problem across America, with an estimated 9 million hogs roaming across 17 states, decimating crops and fields. So whether you are setting out to hunt razorbacks or wild boars, you’re going to need a hog call that will be effective on every trip. The Cass Creek Ergo Boar Call is a great option, and has a lot of functions in addition to calling hogs.

What to know before you buy a hog call
Know when to use the call
As when hunting most animals, knowing when to use the call is important. If you decide to use it at the wrong time, you won’t get the desired reaction. In fact, you might get no reaction at all other than giving away your position. Hogs are most susceptible to callers when they are bedding down or feeding. Once they start running, there is often little you can do to focus their attention on you.

Be aware of unintended targets
You might have hunting hogs on your agenda, but there might be other animals out there that do, too. When you are using a hog call, predators such as bears or cougars could also be attracted to the sounds you’re making, so while focusing on your prey, always be aware of what is going on around you. You could also invest in a good quality hunting blind. Also remember that hogs can be aggressive, so you should never go hunting alone.

Decide on the type of call you want to use
Wild hogs react differently to various types of calls. Keep in mind which hogs you want to attract, and get a call that appeals to them. To attract boars, look for a call that will challenge their territory. For gilts or sows, a call that mimics the distress of a piglet is usually the best to lure them out.

What to look for in a quality hog call
Ease of use
Using a caller for animals can be tough, especially if there is a technique to using the device. A good quality hog call is simple to use, and blowing into it is the only thing required. Still, it’s always a good idea to test out a call before using it in the field.

Versatility in calling sounds
Basic hog calls can produce a limited amount of sounds and usually also need to be manipulated somewhat to create convincing calls. A good quality hog call can produce sounds that accurately replicate boars, sows and piglets in various states of their natural habitat. Some calls can even replicate the sound of a predator, which will also invoke a response from that pack.

Make storage easy
Some calls can be bulky and difficult to store in a backpack. A hog call is generally small enough to easily fit into a pocket, but a good quality hog call has collapsible parts or parts that can be disassembled when not needed. Not all callers have this ability, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you set out to hunt different animals in one trip.

How much you can expect to spend on a hog call
A hog call is a rather inexpensive purchase to add to your hunting arsenal. Entry-level callers can retail for under $10, while more sophisticated models sell for $15-$25.

Hog call FAQ
Is it legal to kill wild hogs?
A. Each state has its own laws that govern the hunting of hogs. You might use a hog call to attract them, but you must check with local authorities about what the laws are. But generally, it is legal to kill hogs on your property. On public lands, though, you’ll usually need a permit to do so.

How far does the sound travel from a hog call?
A. A number of factors influence the sound’s distance. The most important are the wind direction and how hard you are blowing. A general assumption is that the sound will travel around 100 yards.

What are the best hog calls to buy?
Top hog call
Cass Creek Ergo Boar Call
Cass Creek Ergo Boar Call

What you need to know: This is a full-range caller that can be used under many circumstances.

What you’ll love: This pocket-sized caller is the perfect companion when you are out hunting hogs. It features five hog calls, including piglets, fighting, grunts and feeding. Being electronic, it uses rechargeable batteries and has been designed to fit perfectly in your hand. The device can project sounds up to 200 yards.

What you should consider: You can’t add your own sounds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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Top hog call for money
Haydel’s Game Calls Pig Squealer Call
Haydel’s Game Calls Pig Squealer Call

What you need to know: Easy to use and effective, this call can be taken anywhere.

What you’ll love: Replicating the squealing sound of a piglet, this call is best used along the edges of thick bush or hedges. It is made from lightweight acrylic and plastic compounds, which are also durable.

What you should consider: It is only available in one color.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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Worth checking out
Primos Hunting PS320 Hog Call
Primos Hunting PS320 Hog Call

What you need to know: This is a simple solution for bringing the hogs closer.

What you’ll love: With a flexible hose, this call from Primos can be used to create variable tones for different sounds. When used correctly, it replicates the grunting sounds of boars and sows to bring them in closer.

What you should consider: Some users have indicated that it can take some practice to get the correct sound from it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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