Archery sets for kids prepare young archers for a future with the sport and give them a start at mastering it. Sets that adhere to safety standards, are easily assembled and come with all necessary tools equip your child with an active learning experience.

If you are looking for an archery set that teaches children necessary skills, is made with high-quality materials and can be used by both left-handed and right-handed archers, the Pandarus Compound Bow Archery For Youth and Beginner is the top choice.

What to know before you buy an archery set for kids
A youth set is not complete without all of the equipment needed to participate in a match: a bow, arrows, quiver, glove arm guard, target, finger tabs, bow sight and release aid. The more accessories included in a child’s set, the better versed they will be when using advanced sets.

Safety goggles, gloves and other pieces of protective gear also are necessary, and to be really safe, consider a set that comes with multiple pairs of gear for both the young archer and those nearby. Arrows made with rubber tips, rather than sharp tips, are the safest.

Age range
Each archery set has a recommended age and skill level. Most sets for those ages 4-10 are beginner sets. If the child is outside of the age range, the product is not safe or recommended for them.

Arrow length
If the arrow is not proportional to the bow, it will not shoot properly. If a set does not come with its bows or you feel that the bows are not the right size, contact the manufacturer to learn the exact size that fits the bow rather than substituting arrows from another set.

What to look for in a quality archery set for kids
Bow and arrows made from sturdy material last longer and provide stability when shooting and aiming. If the feathers on the back of the arrow are placed properly and are sturdy, they should slightly drag in the wind.

The more notches a bow is made with, the greater opportunity the archer has to line up their shot. Notches assist with aiming the arrows at the target.

Dominant hand
Ambidextrous bows are used by left- and right-handed archers. The product description lists the hand posture the set is designed for.

How much you can expect to spend on an archery set for kids
Archery sets for kids cost anywhere between $30-$150 depending on the equipment included and the quality of the materials.

Be safe: Never aim your arrows or shoot them at other people.
Be close: Start 20 inches away from the target when you start learning.
Allow space: You should not stand close to the person that is shooting, give them good space.
Buy light: The lighter the set is, the easier it is for younger children to take on the go.
Take lessons: Taking lessons at the beginning of the learning process could speed up the process.
Archery set for kids FAQ
How do I know if the set is for beginners?
A. Smaller sets and those that aim to teach rather than to train are used by beginners. If the set is for children who are just starting to learn, it is listed in the product description.

Are archery sets for kids easy to assemble?
A. Not all are easy to put together, but sets for children are not meant to be complex. The assembly and instructions should be able to be understood by the child so that they can help put it together to familiarize themselves with the accessories.

Does the shape of the bow matter?
A. There are recurve, compound and straight bows in archery and it is recommended that beginners start with a recurve bow. These make them familiar with the equipment and set them up to move to the compound bow.

What’s the best archery set for kids to buy?
Top archery set for kids
Pandarus Compound Bow Archery For Youth and Beginner
Pandarus Compound Bow Archery For Youth and Beginner

What you need to know: This entry level set for those ready for a compound bow accommodates both left-handed and right-handed kids and comes with all equipment needed for a hunting experience.

What you’ll love: It is made with high-quality material and teaches children everything they need to know about adult archery bows and future progression.

What you should consider: Reviewers say it is difficult to assemble, is complex to maneuver and the instructions are not detailed enough to make the process go smoothly.

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Top archery set for the kids for the money
Adventure Awaits Handmade Wooden Bow
Adventure Awaits Handmade Wooden Bow

What you need to know: It is handmade and comes in a pack of two bows with 20 arrows and two quivers.

What you’ll love: The bow and accessories are made from durable bamboo and the tops are made from rubber to keep young children safe. They are lightweight, securely packaged and adults who are just beginning to use them too.

What you should consider: Some users say the arrows do not fly far or straight and there aren’t enough notches in the bow to help aim the arrow.

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Worth checking out
Bear Archery Scout Bow Set
Bear Archery Scout Bow Set

What you need to know: It comes in a few colors and is made with two wheels that help kids transition from this bow to an adult bow.

What you’ll love: Children who are right- or left-handed can use it and it comes with a quiver, a few arrows, safety glasses and an arm guard. It also comes with a sight pin and finger rollers.

What you should consider: The bow is heavy for smaller children and works better for left-handed children. The ends of the arrows are not durable.

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